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What benefiacial of Yammar on retail and other industry 1?

After our previous post on What if you just want Microsoft SharePoint online .

People are curious what is Yammar on two of the packages? Is it necessary to included Yammar on their SharePoint plan?

Yammer is an enterprise social network that transforms organizational communication and collaboration among

employees, customers, partners and suppliers. More than 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies are using Yammer’s

award-winning Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to break down silos, drive organizational alignment, increase agility

and improve decision making.

Case : Retail industry :




North America



Rachel Mehl, Head of Employee Programs - ModCloth
Yammer has definitely helped to retain that sense of community, especially when we moved into different cities and different locations.
— Rachel Mehl
Head of Employee Programs


Keeping employees engaged while scaling up

Founded by high school sweethearts and vintage clothing aficionados Eric Koger and Susan Gregg Koger, ModCloth is an online apparel, accessories, and home decor retailer that aims to provide a fun and engaging shopping experience for their customers. The company has garnered enormous popularity since its launch and has grown rapidly in a short period of time, ranking second on Inc. Magazine’s 2010 List of Fastest Growing Private Companies and first in the retail category. ModCloth is a poster child for social media with a massive and highly engaged online customer community. Employees understand the value of driving engagement through social networking, and wanted a tool that could replicate that type of engagement within the company.

Bringing people and ideas together

In the face of its rapid expansion to 300 employees at four offices across the country, ModCloth has been able to maintain its tight-knit employee community through its use of Yammer. Beyond building community, Yammer provides employees a place to share news and collaborate around projects, connecting individuals and ideas at the right point in time. These connections have resulted in significant time savings and a reduction in duplicated work. Yammer has also improved employee engagement and strengthened vertical communications at ModCloth, allowing executives to easily share news with the entire company and employees to feel better connected to the company vision.

 With Yammer, employees have a place to share news,
collaborate around projects, repurpose work and save time while
building community and keeping ModCloth uniquely ModCloth.
Social media has always been a core part of ModCloth’s DNA. With

over 40,000 Twitter followers and 270,000 Facebook “Likes”,

ModCoth’s social media presence is impressive for a company of any

size. Because social networks played a large role in the company’s

growth and development, it was only natural for the company to

adopt a social networking tool for internal communications as well.

After conducting market research, Natasha Khan of ModCloth’s

Social Team identified Yammer as the leading social tool for

businesses, and began posting to Yammer with a small test group

immediately. In the face of its rapid expansion to 250+ employees

at four offices across the country, ModCloth has maintained its

tight-knit sense of community and attributes much of this to its use

of Yammer. ModCloth’s People Team played a large role in scaling

and evangelizing the tool, helping ModCloth maintain its quirky and

unique culture by connecting employees wherever they are.
Results & Benefits
Yammer has provided ModCloth deep value by connecting people

and ideas at the right moments in time. For example, Scott

Hernandez, ModCloth’s Head of Talent Acquisition, has used

Yammer to source valuable engineering hires through referrals,

saving his team the time and energy of finding these people “in the


ModCloth has also been able to save teams from duplicating work

that’s already been completed. Product Manager Fiona O’Donnell

McCarth recounts an instance where Yammer saved her team a

significant amount of work: “We see mobile as the next big platform
for ecommerce, so our User Experience group began

designing a research campaign to gather feedback from

users on what they’d like to see in ModCloth’s mobile

applications. A member of the team shared this with our

Yammer network, and within hours a member of the Social

Team replied saying that her team had already done a

large user survey on mobile expectations. She attached

their findings, complete with a robust spreadsheet of

customer feedback data, saving the User Experience team

weeks worth of work.”
The ModCloth executive team values transparency and

openness and uses Yammer to put these principles into

practice. Executives have integrated Yammer into their

daily routines, posting company updates and inviting

comments and participation. After board meetings,

executives share summaries of discussion topics, new

developments, and next steps.


ModCloth executives use the Yammer Praise app to

publicly recognize outstanding employee performance.

When an employee has done a superlative job on a project

or completed a difficult task, executives jump at the

opportunity to post a praise message into the feed,

knowing that it helps employee satisfaction and

encourages more great work
Members of ModCloth’s fashion buying team often post

images of new items they’re on the fence about and ask

employees for feedback. The company’s many

fashionistas comment and give loads of feedback,

influencing the buying team’s purchasing decisions.

ModCloth’s blog team also benefits from crowdsourcing

ideas on Yammer by managing a blogging group in which

employees regularly share their ideas for blog posts.

ModCloth’s enormously popular Life in Style blog is filled

with posts inspired by ideas from ModCloth employees, all

shared on Yammer.
Every new ModCloth hire is introduced to ModCloth’s

Yammer network on their first day as part of their

onboarding process. ModCloth’s People Team has

identified Yammer as a great way for employees to learn

their coworkers’ names and immediately feel immersed in

the ModCloth culture. New employees instantly

understand the importance of customer feedback at

ModCloth, as support reps share what they’re hearing

from customers on Yammer.


Every week, a member of the customer support team

posts their favorite bit of customer feedback. This simple

action has become a favorite for our employees, who find
the customer feedback incredibly inspirational.
Natasha Khan Kazi
Social Team Manager, ModCloth

New parents at ModCloth share pictures of their newborn
babies, building community and companionship within the
company as people comment and like the posts in droves.
Another excellent community-building activity was
running an exercise contest through Yammer called “Step
It Up,” where each ModCloth employee was given a
pedometer to track the number of steps taken in a day.
Yammer provided employees the ideal platform to cheer
on their team (and “trash talk” the rest). Through
activities like these, Yammer has helped ModCloth
maintain its fun, unique culture through a period of rapid


  • A tighter sense of community. Yammer helps connect the entire ModCloth organization, from employees to senior leadership.
  • Stronger alignment. Employees across the company are engaged with the corporate vision, mission and values.
  • Significant time savings. Collaborating on Yammer allowed a mobile platform team to reduce duplicate work, saving 2 weeks on their project.

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Base on the above comparison. It seem it is more cheaper if subscripted to SharePoint online with Yammar or Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E3 rather than a Yammar stand alone packages if you want to upgrade Microsoft office as well.











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