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Friday, 18 March 2016

Medical Laboratory Maintains High-Touch Service During Geographic Expansion With Citrix Solutions

"GoToAssist Remote Support is fantastic. It allows
our small but mighty IT staff to provide a high level of
support for people across the country."

Steve Klipp
Executive Vice President – Commercial Operations

PremierTox Laboratory is a pioneer in the reference laboratory marketplace, serving clinicians who prescribe controlled substances to treat pain as well as other debilitating disorders. The company is based in Russell Springs, Kentucky, and operates satellite labs in Tennessee and Texas. It specializes in toxicology, urine drug screening and therapeutic drug monitoring and provides services to hospitals and physician practices in 18 states in US. Founded in 2011 by a group of physicians and entrepreneurs, PremierTox currently employs about 200 people.

The Challenge: efficiently delivering signature service during business expansion

In a market sector with significant competition, PremierTox takes pride in its high level of service featuring regular interactions with customers. “A competitive lab’s sales rep might visit a customer’s location, but after signing them up for service, that rep may never be seen again,” said Steve Klipp, executive vice president, commercial operations. “Our sales managers are on site at least once a month and are even available to assist customers after hours and on weekends.” PremierTox
also sets itself apart with unique technology tools and customization capability.

“Unlike the ‘big box’ labs whose dominance allows them to take a one-size-fits-all approach, we are always working on ways to tailor our services, software, testing and report output to meet clinicians’ needs.”

PremierTox has always faced the challenge of geography. “We’re a state-of-the-art, multi-million-dollar laboratory located in Kentucky’s beautiful horse country, which is not just the home of our founders but also the center of the battle against drug abuse,” he said. “We’re very rural, but we have always been committed to hiring the best and brightest executives and sales staff, wherever they are located.

That’s why we brought GoToMeeting in at the beginning. It kept us connected with impromptu and scheduled remote meetings as we were getting the business up and running, and keeps us on track now, wherever in the country we are.”

Rapid expansion over its first three years—plus current plans for extending sales coverage to six more states and opening new satellite labs—have increased the importance of remote collaboration technology for PremierTox. “As a mid-size business, we are up against competitors with extensive resources and much larger staffs,” the executive noted. To continue winning on the basis of its signature, high-touch service as it branched out even further, PremierTox needed other smart
technologies that could enhance operational efficiency, maximize reach without requiring constant travel and support innovative business practices

Expanding the Citrix solution

In 2013, PremierTox upgraded to GoToMeeting Corporate and also added Citrix cloud solutions for remote training, remote support, audio conferencing and data sharing. Enhanced GoToMeeting functionality, including integrated HDFaces video conferencing and apps for iOS and Android devices, enables the company to collaborate more effectively. “HDFaces video increases a feeling of closeness among employees and helps keep people in sync. Also, the ability to hold a meeting in an instant, from any device, is highly valuable.” Klipp praised the high quality of GoToMeeting sessions on mobile devices.

In addition to internal collaboration, PremierTox staff make presentations to states’ governing bodies and key decision makers and interact with customers using GoToMeeting.

In these situations, the company provides integrated toll-free calling with OpenVoice audio conferencing to encourage participation. “It’s important to provide a toll-free number and high-quality audio service so we can impress these audiences,” he said. The company also uses OpenVoice for conference calls that do not require screen sharing.

In a rapidly changing industry, GoToTraining allows PremierTox to train employees remotely on evolving healthcare policy as well as new products and testing capabilities. GoToTraining avoids the cost of bringing people on site while providing interactive features, such as embedded questions and periodic comprehension checks, which enhance learning and provide feedback to the instructor. “We also use it for new hire training. These classes are recorded and stored in a database for on-demand access, helping to optimize our training department resources,” Klipp said.

PremierTox relies on GoToAssist to remotely support customers, sales reps and other employees. Klipp described typical scenarios. One is assisting customers with PremierToxDirect, the company’s proprietary, web-based software for managing and documenting lab specimens. Another is supporting employees who are working on site at customer locations, as well as salespeople in the field. “GoToAssist Remote Support is fantastic. It allows our small but mighty IT staff to provide a high level of support for people across the country.”

Sharing large files with customers and employees is now quick and easy with ShareFile. “We implemented Microsoft SharePoint, but it does not allow a link to be provided to external users. In looking for an alternative, we fell in love with ShareFile and use it extensively.” Klipp noted that ShareFile facilitates collaboration with the graphics design team, located in a major urban center, by avoiding the problem of size limits for email attachments. The tool also provides secure storage for confidential information, key to effective healthcare delivery.

Creating new and efficient services

All these Citrix solutions contribute to the company’s strategic goal of maintaining exceptional customer service while expanding into new geographies. Remote collaboration, support, training and data sharing promote strong relationships, enable fast, interactive responses and impress customers—all at “an incredibly reasonable cost,” according to Klipp. “Also, the fact that participants can log in to a session for free is very important to us.”

Citrix tools are opening new opportunities for business innovations that combine efficiency with personal service. “One of our goals is to generate leads, especially for healthcare providers in locations not currently supported by a sales rep. As we envision it, a customer will find us on the web, and we’ll ship them a starter kit and then get on a GoToMeeting or GoToTraining session to guide them through the set-up and specimen collection process and use of our services.”

Currently, PremierTox is conducting a trial program where a representative in Tennessee is remotely supporting customers in Wisconsin and Iowa. “She has met these customers on GoToMeeting, shown presentations and used HDFaces video to demonstrate in real time how to handle and ship specimens. It’s going very well,” he said.

“Citrix solutions are enabling us to accomplish goals that would otherwise require significant time and expense. As we grow, these tools will continue to play a strategic role in customer outreach, competitive advantage and business efficiency.”

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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

KPJ Healthcare Streamlines and Upgrades IT Operations With Microsoft Office 365 and Cloud Solutions

KPJ Healthcare Berhad, Malaysia’s first homegrown and largest healthcare group has chosen to implement Microsoft’s Office 365 and Cloud solutions to upgrade and modernize its overall IT infrastructure for its entire network of hospitals in Malaysia and Indonesia.

KPJ is one of the leading private healthcare providers in the region. Embarking on many initiatives to improve the quality of care for patients, KPJ faced a major challenge to identify and implement an effective IT infrastructure across its hospitals that will enable it to make vital management decisions. KPJ turned to Microsoft to overcome these challenges and found a complete end-to-end as well as cost-effective solution, employing a hybrid of on-premise and cloud-based solution. The Group will also deploy 5,200 Microsoft Office 365 and 2,800 Pro Desktop licenses across its hospital network for a truly holistic IT environment.

Solution Overview

Product and Services

Microsoft Lync Server
Office 365



Organization Size

Large (1,000 - 9,999 employees)



“KPJ Healthcare is adopting cloud computing, and we have identified Microsoft as key partner. We look forward to working together to continue our quest for an improved healthcare system.” —Dr. Mubbashir Iftikhar, CIO, KPJ Healthcare

Business Needs

Like many providers in today’s consumer-driven world, KPJ Healthcare strives to improve how its physicians and staff interact with each other and with patients. The organization has adopted new technologies such as electronic medical record systems so patients can view their own medical histories and doctors can share data in different facilities.
Previously, KPJ communicated with a disparate mix of private-branch exchange (PBX) telephone, text messages, email, and online instant messaging from Yahoo and Google. Without a centralized collaboration environment, doctors and other staff lacked a single point of communication, which often delayed responses, compromised productivity, and negatively affected the patient experience.


KPJ adopted Microsoft Office 365 to use Microsoft Lync Online instant messaging and web conferencing. With an intuitive, user-friendly interface and integration with Microsoft Outlook, Lync Online helps KPJ staff communicate more efficiently, and Lync Online interoperates seamlessly with the healthcare provider’s existing teleconferencing environment, Telehealth. As KPJ adopts other components of Office 365 such as Exchange Online and SharePoint Online, it will develop a complete collaboration environment.

GoToMeeting Free Trial


By adopting Office 365 and Lync Online, KPJ Healthcare has developed a unified communications environment that will help it work more efficiently and improve healthcare delivery. Benefits include:
  • A centralized, comprehensive collaboration package
  • Reliable integration with existing line-of-business applications
  • Familiarity and ease of use for staff
  • Enhanced patient experience


Wednesday, 7 October 2015

M3 Marine Group Marine Consultancy Charts a New Course to Global Productivity with Cloud-Based Tools

M3 Marine Group staff did not have the access to emails and documents needed to support the global expansion envisioned by founder Mike Meade. Then he subscribed to Microsoft Office 365. Today, brokers reliably access archived emails for market trending to build better deals, and consultants collaborate better in virtual teams to expedite reports—two essential steps toward building a global business that stays true to its service-oriented roots.
  • “We can build a global company and stay true to our roots as a service-based business because we’re using Office 365 to support productive virtual teamwork around the world.”
    Mike Meade
    M3 Marine Group
    Chief Executive Officer

As one of the busiest ports in the world, it’s not surprising that Captain Mike Meade chose Singapore as the headquarters for his company, M3 Marine Group. Meade worked as a ship’s captain before trading in his sea legs for senior management positions in the corporate world. However, his experience dealing with major oil companies and offshore marine engineering service providers is just one reason for M3 Marine’s success.
“Our brokers are veterans in the industry who use their experience to broker deals that build lasting customer relationships,” says Meade. “On the consultancy side, we are well-known for our expertise in designing computer-controlled ship positioning systems and the relevant documentation, especially FMEAs [failure mode effects analysis].

Defining a Vision for Growth

Today, Meade envisions M3 Marine as a global company. “I want to broaden our base, first by opening an office in Australia and then expanding to the Middle East,” he says. “We will populate those offices over time, always with a focus on delivering best-in-class service and gaining repeat business.”
To achieve this goal, Meade needed to reevaluate the technology his staff uses every day. “I looked for productivity tools that would amplify the core competencies of the brokerage and consultancy sides of the business,” he says. “We need communication and collaboration tools that work on any device across any time zone so that we can function as productive, virtual teams. That means we need easy access to corporate data and customer information, no matter where we are in the world.”

Choosing Microsoft Office 365

Meade knew that cloud-based IT services would be the most cost-effective computing platform for his company. “We tried Google, but we didn’t like the interface and it didn’t do what we wanted; we tried a ship broker’s proprietary database and messaging service, but it didn’t perform to contract,” he recalls. “Then, in 2012, I went to a luncheon hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce Small Business Group. I met our IT provider, and I learned about Microsoft Office 365. Things at M3 Marine haven’t been the same since.”

Business Tools that Just Work

M3 Marine worked with IT provider to migrate to Office 365 and the seamless transition for all 30 employees was the first indication that the new cloud-based business communication and collaboration tools lived up to Meade’s expectations. Today, all M3 Marine employees are using the same up-to-date Microsoft Office programs as part of the cloud-based suite of services.
“Each of us can deploy Office 365 ProPlus on up to five computers and devices, saving me licensing costs,” says Meade. “And with Office Web Apps, we will be able to work with Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel programs on the go, using any browser.”
Meade begins his day by checking email on his PC at home. On his way to work, he stops for coffee and logs on to the corporate network using his laptop. Then, he’ll use a PC at the office during a meeting. Later, he’ll take his laptop to talk to a consultant about a report. “It’s that seamless transfer from one location and one device to another and knowing that I’ll always have access to up-to-date information that’s made me productive, no matter where I go,” he says.

Reliable Email, Better Customer Service

Today, brokers are negotiating better deals in chartering, ship building, and sales and purchases. They are also building better customer relationships. That’s because with Office 365, brokers gain reliable, ubiquitous access to email, contacts, and shared calendars. Now they can search archived emails to benchmark indexes so that they can provide better advice to customers about market trends.
Weekly downtime due to someone’s overflowing archived emails that blocked the network is a thing of the past. “If staff can’t work because email is down for two hours, that’s a massive cost to me; almost as much as my annual IT burden,” says Meade. “So maintaining that reliability and productivity—with Office 365 we haven’t had a moment of downtime—is key to growing my business and saving money.”

Effective Virtual Teams

M3 Marine consultants provide a range of technical and commercial consultancy in the oil and gas space along with concept design of computer-controlled ship positioning systems called Dynamic Positioning. The team can deliver their reports quicker thanks to improved virtual teamwork using Office 365 sophisticated document versioning capabilities and cloud-based document storage. In this data-centric business, these reports are a key deliverable that M3 Marine customers rely on for FMEA of their computer-based ship dynamic positioning systems.
“Four or five consultants can contribute to a single 1,000-page marine report, including drawings, schematics, and charts,” says Meade. “Using team sites in SharePoint Online will streamline virtual teamwork and document collaboration to more quickly deliver the massive reports that they develop for our customers.”

GoToMeeting Free Trial

Business Platform for Growth

With Office 365, it’s easy to simplify the process of hiring new employees. When Meade hired a new general manager for the brokerage business, all it took was a few minutes to furnish him with a laptop and an Office 365 account. Today, everyone at M3 Marine is well equipped to help Meade achieve his vision of expanding from one of Asia’s largest independent ship broking and marine consultancy houses to a global operation.
“I’m using Office 365 to build a global network that supports real-time collaboration through web conferences, instant messaging, desktop sharing, emails, and calendaring, and breaks down the barriers of time and space to boost productivity and customer service,” concludes Meade.


Professional Services

Organization Size

Small (1 - 49 employees)



Thursday, 25 June 2015

Coca-Cola Enterprises used Microsoft SharePoint Online to Advance Productivity

“Microsoft gave us an incredible platform that allows us to do a number of things, beyond hosting our portal. It provides workflow management and team collaboration across geographies and time zones.” John Key, Assistant Director Communication and Collaboration Technologies,CCE 

Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) employs approximately 72,000 people in 431 facilities around the globe. Much of its workforce is mobile with 55,000 vehicles and 2.4 million coolers, vending machines, and beverage dispensers. With increasing competition in the marketplace, CCE needed a more effective way to collaborate with its employees, to increase its productivity, to enable better flow of information and to create more time for sales persons to engage with customers. Its worldwide presence required employees and executives to spend numerous hours on the road every week, travelling to internal meetings. With Microsoft® Online Services technologies, CCE can save travel expenses through online meeting tools and collaboration platforms that span time zones and geographies.

 Country or Region: Worldwide
Industry: Consumer goods—Retail

User Profile 
Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) is the world’s largest marketer, producer, and distributor of nonalcoholic beverages, which it delivers with the industry’s most effective marketplace execution. 

Business Situation 
CCE’s increasing competition was resulting in declining revenues. This required company executives to launch a new strategic direction, mandating a platform to communicate and engage with all employees.

Microsoft deployed a hosted worldwide intranet, messaging and collaboration tools which are accessible to all employees from any device, enabling employees to boost productivity and time with customers.

 Productivity and customer focus
 Companywide intranet
 IT transformation
 Effective remote teams
 Deskless worker access


Coca-Cola Enterprises (NYSE: “CCE”) is the world's largest marketer, producer, and distributor of Coca-Cola products. Coca-Cola Enterprises’ growing product portfolio includes the world’s greatest brands and beverages which they deliver with the industry’s most effective marketplace execution. Today, they serve 419 million consumers throughout North America, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Monaco, and the Netherlands. They employ approximately 72,000 people and operate more than 431 facilities, 55,000 vehicles, and 2.4 million coolers, vending machines, and beverage dispensers.

The Business Challenge 

Coca-Cola Enterprises faced strong competition from other beverage companies and needed a way to work more effectively with their customers and partners. This required innovation and a new way of doing business within the corporation. In 2008 CCE acknowledged their current communication platforms were no longer enabling the innovation and collaboration required to take them to the next level to compete in an increasingly demanding economic environment.

Communicate with all Employees: CCE required a centralized platform on which to promote the company’s initiatives. Its messaging was based largely around e-mail, which was unable to reach its largely mobile workforce. Chairman and CEO John Brock and CIO Esat Sezer agreed that in order to evolve the company culture and improve customer relationships at CCE, the leadership team needed the ability to communicate with all CCE employees, especially those managing day-to-day operations in the field. Most of the diverse CCE personnel work in a distributed manner. Employees in manufacturing facilities had limited access to the corporate network. The mobile employees of their delivery fleet who are on the front line with the customers, making sales and positioning the CCE products in store environments, also lacked convenient access to company e-mail and content. Additionally, CCE needed a way to drive action and information to all employees in their business by role. Current infrastructure did not allow for this, making it difficult to find appropriate content in a timely manner.

Kevin Flowers, Director of Enabling Technologies, says, "John Brock, our CEO, challenged us to find better ways to connect all of our employees. He asked us to create a unified way to reach all of the field resources for more than 400 locations in the U.S. alone, SharePoint Online addressed those challenges and helped us launch from a legacy infrastructure to a solution which provided better business value to all of our people."

Deliver a Unified Collaborative Workspace and Corporate Intranet: Taking on a new project like building a corporate intranet was exciting, yet daunting, as IT resources were engaged on many other initiatives as part of their transformation journey. IT considered leveraging partners to address their messaging needs and wanted to expand this to include the development of their corporate intranet. Both solutions needed to support mobile devices to reach employees in manufacturing facilities and the field.


With many older systems, CCE had several partners providing dozens of communication and collaboration solutions. CCE saw an opportunity to optimize its infrastructure by broadening its relationship with Microsoft. With the implementation of Microsoft Online Services, which includes Microsoft SharePoint® Online, Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft Office Communications Online, and Microsoft Office Live Meeting, CCE consolidated and streamlined its IT partnerships and enhanced its focus on providing value to the business. CCE deployed its corporate intranet on SharePoint Online as its primary collaboration platform, which included content management, enterprise search, workflow, line of business integration, and rights management capabilities. In its assessment of whether to upgrade its current platform or transform the company to a hosted model, CCE considered options presented by several major software and service providers. CCE desired a partnership where it could utilize its enterprise software on premises with integrated software services in the cloud, and turned to Microsoft to execute upon its objectives. Planning for the project began in mid January 2008 and was completed by mid May. Microsoft Exchange Online and Microsoft SharePoint Online received “service acceptance” by July and user migration for both began in September.By the end of 2008, 23,000 users had been migrated to Exchange Online, 30,000 users were on SharePoint Online, and 10,000 users had migrated from IBM Sametime to Microsoft Office Communications Server for instant messaging. It added Microsoft Office Live Meeting for Web and video conferencing in April 2008. 


Initially, Tim Smith, the Chief Information Security Officer at CCE needed to be convinced that Microsoft would provide security measures that matched or exceeded CCE’s stringent requirements. Visiting the Tukwila data center, Smith was impressed by the virtual and physical security provided by Microsoft, as well as the third-party SAS 70 audit reports that Microsoft uses to monitor security compliance. Tim Smith, CCE Chief Information Security Officer, says, “Step one in getting comfortable with giving our data to Microsoft was visiting one of their data centers. To understand the physical nature of what they’re doing to safeguard not only their own information, but also CCE’s, gave us a great sense of comfort that Microsoft has thought of all the right things.”

A fundamental shift occurred in how CCE viewed Microsoft services and capabilities running in Microsoft data centers, not as an outsourcing arrangement, but as a security-enhanced extension of CCE’s own enterprise network.

The Right Information at the Right Time CCE decided to use Microsoft integrated communication and collaboration tools to streamline communication across its entire organization. A critical component of the corporate intranet portal at CCE was the integration of SAP user role information into its on-premises Active Directory® service and its Microsoft SharePoint Online environment. This will allow CCE to target the right information to the right employee based on roles outlined in SAP. By integrating SAP data into SharePoint sites, CCE employees can access data through recognizable Microsoft Office programs, giving employees the ability to make information for business operations easy to find, share, and update. Previously, CCE did not have a common solution that enabled document management. Documents that needed to be shared with colleagues were housed in shared folders on network drives, sent via e-mail, or stored in team rooms, all of which were limited in access, version control, and searchability.

Ease and Effectiveness of Collaboration Seeing the business need and the ability to increase its communication and collaboration capabilities, CCE was able to move very quickly to execute the migration. Lauren Sayeski, Public Affairs and Communications Manager, says, “We had a massive change agenda that we were trying to communicate to the organization. We had a lot of objectives with this project, but the two primary ones were a better way to communicate with our employees while at the same time driving effectiveness and efficiency.” Content management features on SharePoint Online include version management, workflow management, and rights management, all of which enable seamless collaboration across geographies and time zones. John Key, Assistant Director of Communication and Collaboration Technologies, says, “To have one source of the truth is very important as teams start to form across the globe. You want to be sure you always have the latest version of the document you’re working on. SharePoint Online makes that possible.” 

Knowledge Sharing and Social Networking CCE’s executive communication prior to its new corporate intranet was historically top-down. With its Microsoft SharePoint Online intranet solution, it now has open dialogue with employees communicating to leadership and with each other. Sayeski says, “We focused on ways for employees to comment back to the organization as well as communicate with each other. Now we have the ability to post comments on the intranet and create team sites. We’re finding that employees are talking to each other and using each other’s resources, sharing knowledge. We launched our first CEO blog last year and in the first five minutes had more than 40 responses back. That’s just the beginning; we know that the intranet can be so much more powerful as a place of action.”


Productivity and Customer Focus The Microsoft solution enabled CCE to bring new technologies to everyone in the company, providing them with the information they need, where and when they need it most. Microsoft SharePoint Online has been embraced by employees across the company. Within four weeks of enabling users to create team sites, there were over 800 requests for sites focused on business priorities and customer-facing business teams. Tom Barlow, Vice President of Business Transformation, N.A., says, “From a business transformation perspective, we have a lot of projects underway which focus on revenue generation and cost savings. Through the use of SharePoint Online, we’re able to educate our team so that they can find information and establish interdependencies across the different projects. SharePoint allows us to code and manage information so that we can get it very quickly.”

Worldwide Collaboration 

CCE now has a robust intranet portal to support worldwide collaboration and communication of corporate strategy. Two consulting company designed the custom intranet and collaboration solution respectively on top of Microsoft SharePoint Online. One consulting company created the compelling visual design with a user-based enterprise portal workflow. The other consulting company designed and developed custom SharePoint features in accordance with Microsoft development standards and best practices, as well as provided guidance to CCE regarding the deployment and configuration options available in SharePoint Online. Sayeski says, “When you have a workforce like ours, 72,000 strong and geographically dispersed, that may or may not have access to technology, it can be a challenge to ensure that the message of the organization is getting through with the clarity and the speed that you want it to. We focused heavily on the use of video, particularly with our CEO, to ensure that some of our most critical messages were being captured in a way that the audience immediately understood. So combining the power of video with the intranet gave us the ability to touch many more people.” 

Powerful Search with Enterprise Content Management 

The corporate intranet also serves as a central location for things like CCE’s HR process improvement and self-service HR portal and provides a communication platform for CCE’s desk-based workers. CCE has also increased employee engagement and education around corporate responsibility and sustainability through the portal content, thereby addressing the cultural change initiative. Sayeski says, “There have been some particular areas where we’ve seen that concept of two-way dialogue playing out very well. One is in our corporate responsibility and sustainability efforts where employees are sharing—actively sharing their own ideas and their own solutions within their own facilities about ways they’re generating energy effectiveness.”

Through the intranet, CCE employees are eager to be part of the company direction and dialogue. Brett Kirkland, Collaboration Architect, says, “The SharePoint Online search engine is ten times better. It allows us to make items more discoverable, to check them in and out, and surface particular items that we consider pieces of content that should rise to the top. The SharePoint solution also gives IT more control and governance over what content is published and how it is ranked and profiled in search.”

Key says, “Microsoft gave us an incredible platform that allows us to do a number of things, beyond hosting our portal. It provides workflow management and team collaboration across geographies and time zones.” 

The Road Ahead

In phase II, CCE will be expanding the Microsoft footprint to reach an additional 42,000 deskless workers who work in the field or in sales/distribution facilities. These employees do not have computers but will be enabled in phase II to have access to the intranet via Microsoft SharePoint Online through computer workstations at their facilities. Additionally, Microsoft is co-developing a sales force automation system that will further take advantage of SharePoint Online and enable local merchandisers to be more efficient in getting the things they need into the outlets and stores. CCE will also be using Microsoft Office Communications Server desktop voice and video for multi-user applications and adding more than 10,000 BlackBerry users. 

Kevin Flowers concludes, “There was huge excitement and energy around the CCE partnership with Microsoft. This has been one of the best IT partner projects CCE has experienced, and we have the added value of a longer IT roadmap with Microsoft than if CCE had built the solution on premises. This project has exceeded our expectations from an IT standpoint, showing how well an organization can lay a foundation and transform the way people communicate in a large company.”

New : Microsoft Office 365 Business Essential / Enterprise E1
Microsoft Office365 Business Premium / Enterprise E3

Thursday, 13 February 2014

What benefiacial of Yammar on retail and other industry 1?

After our previous post on What if you just want Microsoft SharePoint online .

People are curious what is Yammar on two of the packages? Is it necessary to included Yammar on their SharePoint plan?

Yammer is an enterprise social network that transforms organizational communication and collaboration among

employees, customers, partners and suppliers. More than 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies are using Yammer’s

award-winning Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to break down silos, drive organizational alignment, increase agility

and improve decision making.

Case : Retail industry :




North America



Rachel Mehl, Head of Employee Programs - ModCloth
Yammer has definitely helped to retain that sense of community, especially when we moved into different cities and different locations.
— Rachel Mehl
Head of Employee Programs


Keeping employees engaged while scaling up

Founded by high school sweethearts and vintage clothing aficionados Eric Koger and Susan Gregg Koger, ModCloth is an online apparel, accessories, and home decor retailer that aims to provide a fun and engaging shopping experience for their customers. The company has garnered enormous popularity since its launch and has grown rapidly in a short period of time, ranking second on Inc. Magazine’s 2010 List of Fastest Growing Private Companies and first in the retail category. ModCloth is a poster child for social media with a massive and highly engaged online customer community. Employees understand the value of driving engagement through social networking, and wanted a tool that could replicate that type of engagement within the company.

Bringing people and ideas together

In the face of its rapid expansion to 300 employees at four offices across the country, ModCloth has been able to maintain its tight-knit employee community through its use of Yammer. Beyond building community, Yammer provides employees a place to share news and collaborate around projects, connecting individuals and ideas at the right point in time. These connections have resulted in significant time savings and a reduction in duplicated work. Yammer has also improved employee engagement and strengthened vertical communications at ModCloth, allowing executives to easily share news with the entire company and employees to feel better connected to the company vision.

 With Yammer, employees have a place to share news,
collaborate around projects, repurpose work and save time while
building community and keeping ModCloth uniquely ModCloth.
Social media has always been a core part of ModCloth’s DNA. With

over 40,000 Twitter followers and 270,000 Facebook “Likes”,

ModCoth’s social media presence is impressive for a company of any

size. Because social networks played a large role in the company’s

growth and development, it was only natural for the company to

adopt a social networking tool for internal communications as well.

After conducting market research, Natasha Khan of ModCloth’s

Social Team identified Yammer as the leading social tool for

businesses, and began posting to Yammer with a small test group

immediately. In the face of its rapid expansion to 250+ employees

at four offices across the country, ModCloth has maintained its

tight-knit sense of community and attributes much of this to its use

of Yammer. ModCloth’s People Team played a large role in scaling

and evangelizing the tool, helping ModCloth maintain its quirky and

unique culture by connecting employees wherever they are.
Results & Benefits
Yammer has provided ModCloth deep value by connecting people

and ideas at the right moments in time. For example, Scott

Hernandez, ModCloth’s Head of Talent Acquisition, has used

Yammer to source valuable engineering hires through referrals,

saving his team the time and energy of finding these people “in the


ModCloth has also been able to save teams from duplicating work

that’s already been completed. Product Manager Fiona O’Donnell

McCarth recounts an instance where Yammer saved her team a

significant amount of work: “We see mobile as the next big platform
for ecommerce, so our User Experience group began

designing a research campaign to gather feedback from

users on what they’d like to see in ModCloth’s mobile

applications. A member of the team shared this with our

Yammer network, and within hours a member of the Social

Team replied saying that her team had already done a

large user survey on mobile expectations. She attached

their findings, complete with a robust spreadsheet of

customer feedback data, saving the User Experience team

weeks worth of work.”
The ModCloth executive team values transparency and

openness and uses Yammer to put these principles into

practice. Executives have integrated Yammer into their

daily routines, posting company updates and inviting

comments and participation. After board meetings,

executives share summaries of discussion topics, new

developments, and next steps.


ModCloth executives use the Yammer Praise app to

publicly recognize outstanding employee performance.

When an employee has done a superlative job on a project

or completed a difficult task, executives jump at the

opportunity to post a praise message into the feed,

knowing that it helps employee satisfaction and

encourages more great work
Members of ModCloth’s fashion buying team often post

images of new items they’re on the fence about and ask

employees for feedback. The company’s many

fashionistas comment and give loads of feedback,

influencing the buying team’s purchasing decisions.

ModCloth’s blog team also benefits from crowdsourcing

ideas on Yammer by managing a blogging group in which

employees regularly share their ideas for blog posts.

ModCloth’s enormously popular Life in Style blog is filled

with posts inspired by ideas from ModCloth employees, all

shared on Yammer.
Every new ModCloth hire is introduced to ModCloth’s

Yammer network on their first day as part of their

onboarding process. ModCloth’s People Team has

identified Yammer as a great way for employees to learn

their coworkers’ names and immediately feel immersed in

the ModCloth culture. New employees instantly

understand the importance of customer feedback at

ModCloth, as support reps share what they’re hearing

from customers on Yammer.


Every week, a member of the customer support team

posts their favorite bit of customer feedback. This simple

action has become a favorite for our employees, who find
the customer feedback incredibly inspirational.
Natasha Khan Kazi
Social Team Manager, ModCloth

New parents at ModCloth share pictures of their newborn
babies, building community and companionship within the
company as people comment and like the posts in droves.
Another excellent community-building activity was
running an exercise contest through Yammer called “Step
It Up,” where each ModCloth employee was given a
pedometer to track the number of steps taken in a day.
Yammer provided employees the ideal platform to cheer
on their team (and “trash talk” the rest). Through
activities like these, Yammer has helped ModCloth
maintain its fun, unique culture through a period of rapid


  • A tighter sense of community. Yammer helps connect the entire ModCloth organization, from employees to senior leadership.
  • Stronger alignment. Employees across the company are engaged with the corporate vision, mission and values.
  • Significant time savings. Collaborating on Yammer allowed a mobile platform team to reduce duplicate work, saving 2 weeks on their project.

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