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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Add / Change the Partner of Record (POR) on an Office 365 Enterprise E3 Subscription or 30 days free trial

How do we add/change Partner of Record?

Although the basic steps documented in post on the same topic  on Small Business and Midsize Business and  (Beta Accountare essentially accurate, I thought I would provide an example with updated on Office 365 Enterprise E3 screenshots:

1a) From the Office 365 Enterprise E3 Dashboard,  select “Billing” link on the left hand side bar :

1b) Then select “subscriptions” link on left hand side bar:

2) From the Licenses Subscriptions screen, select "Subscription details" on the right hand side:

3) From the Subscriptions Details screen, go to the lower right corner click "Add" to fill in the partner information:

4) Put in our partner cloud ID : 3359965 and click OK:

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