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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Server Upgrade and Online Collaboration Speeds Patient Care in Malaysia Hospitals Columbia Asia

"Having a fast, reliable server platform has a direct impact on patient services. Doctors can assess, investigate and diagnose much faster because they have patient data instantly at the fingertips."
Yogessvaran Mohantas
Columbia Asia Sdn. Bhd.
Project Management Office, Team Lead

International private healthcare company, Columbia Asia, needs exceptional server and database infrastructure for its highly-advanced core hospital information system. In 2013, they redeployed this core system using Windows Server 2012 R2 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and helped medical staff share system data more easily and securely with Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based email and video conferencing. Now, medical consultations, specialist discussions and patient treatments all happen faster.

“It used to take two minutes to create patient files: now it takes only few seconds.”
Yogessvaran Mohantas
Columbia Asia Sdn. Bhd.
Project Management Office, Team Lead

Business Needs
Hospitals all over the world want to integrate health and management systems, so they can improve patient services and accelerate decision-making. The challenges are huge, however. Integrated health systems need server operating systems and databases that are not just fast, but exceptionally reliable. Clinical staffs need instant access to patient data and the ability to rapidly and securely collaborate with medical and administrative staff – wherever they are.
Columbia Asia, which is based in Malaysia, has a particularly acute need for robust infrastructure. The company has a single, central, custom-built hospital information system called Care21, which manages patients, operating theatres, staff scheduling, finance and all medical records emphasizing on constricted data security systems. As Care21 is used by virtually all staff members, performance is absolutely critical.
Care21 was originally deployed on Windows Server 2003, with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 for the databases. However, as patient numbers grew, so did the complications. “Doctors were scanning more CT scans and MRIs onto patient records, while administrative staff demanded greater visibility and more detailed reports,” says Thavaseelan Kanasan, IT Infrastructure Executive. “As a result, applications became slow and patients experienced delay.”
At the same time, IT managers needed to minimise the disruption caused by IT maintenance and upgrades. “Disaster recovery took too long and monthly back-end maintenance became very difficult because we had to ask staff to revert to manual processes,” says Seelan. “And if we needed to take our Active Director Identity management offline, access was temporarily impossible.”
For clinical staff, improving communication and collaboration was a top priority. Doctors and other medical staff wanted the ability to access their email from anywhere and securely back up files they kept on their laptops. They also wanted desktop video conferencing and the ability to share CT scan images with consultants, so they could improve clinical collaboration and speed up decision-making.
Most important of all, executives wanted to minimise risk. “We backed up hospital data, including email, every day, but the operation took 30 minutes and we could theoretically lose a whole day of data,” says Mr. Giri, Database Administrator, Columbia Asia. “Care21 was capable of doing amazing things and our staff loved it but we had to make it easier for them to manage and help medical staff maximize the usage of it.

“Managers can focus on operations because applications are more reliable...”
Thavaseelan Kanasan
Columbia Asia Sdn. Bhd.
IT Infrastructure Executive


In early 2013, Columbia Asia executives decided to upgrade the server operating systems and databases at 10 hospitals and deploy new cloud-based collaboration tools.
With the help of Malaysian systems integrator., Columbia Asia tested Care21 on a new platform comprising Windows Server 2012 R2 with Hyper-V and Microsoft SQL Server 2012. Besides improved performance, this also means the company could migrate virtual machines live onto different clusters and replicate the live environment in two to three minutes.
New features in SQL Server 2012 also allowed the hospital to improve data backup and free up databases for more detailed and widespread analysis and reporting. “The AlwaysOn feature means I can permanently synchronise each hospital database. Consequently, the maximum amount of data lost is only 0.001% of daily inputs,” says Vijayaraghavan Yedhugirinath, Database Administrator.
Working with systems integrator, Columbia Asia deployed Windows Server 2012 R2 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 in a succession of ultra-fast deployments. Deployments took just 10 weeks in each hospital, followed by two weeks of testing. “There were no delays and no postponements—it was a very impressive performance,” says Seelan. “Everything went according to plan despite a tight timeline.”
In addition, Columbia Asia began replacing staff members’ on-premises email with the cloud-based Microsoft suite; Office 365. Besides Outlook email which staff can access from any connected device, this includes SkyDrive file storage, so they can easily save and retrieve documents via the cloud. It also includes the unified communications tool, Lync Online, which enables staff to join video conferences and share documents live from any connected device.
Latter, Columbia Asia began deploying the enterprise social tool, Yammer. This creates a social-media platform inside an organisation, and enables employees to create profiles, list specialisations, create groups and broadcast requests for information. Within Columbia Asia, staff members enthusiastically using it to broadcast status updates and share clinical information across the hospitals.

“...This make a big difference to them: if our core systems are 99.99% reliable, then downtime is no longer a worry—half of their headache is gone."
Thavaseelan Kanasan
Columbia Asia Sdn. Bhd.
IT Infrastructure Executive


With a swift, problem-free upgrade to Windows Server 2012 and SQL Server 2012, Columbia Asia has made all its clinical systems safer with high security data protection, reduced the risks of data loss and improved reporting. With cloud-based communication and collaboration tools, staff members work more productively, sharing knowledge quickly and efficiently across 10 different geographical locations.
Reduced patient waiting time
Now, Care21 works noticeably faster. Doctors can open patient files and examine scans at the touch of a button, while admission staff are able to process registration quickly. “It used to take two minutes to create patient files: now it takes only few seconds,” says Yogessvaran Mohantas, Project Management Office, Team Lead. “Having a fast, reliable server platform also improves patient services. Doctors can assess, investigate and diagnose much faster because they have patient data instantly at the fingertips, so patient waiting time is reduced.”
Rapid, secure collaboration
Doctors can also share data more easily, because they have instant access to online collaboration tools. “With Lync, our medical staff can share presentations with each other, call for group meeting with colleagues from different hospitals and observe others’ desktops,” says Yogessvaran. “SkyDrive is extremely useful because each staff member can securely store their own data in the cloud and then retrieve it from home or wherever they are working. More importantly, our data is secured. Doctors don’t lose email or documents if their devices malfunctioned.”

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It gives an easy access to sophisticated reporting. Any hospital staff who want to analyse data be it doctors, pharmacists or marketers can now enjoy stress free experience. “With SQL Server Reporting Services, our staff can research data more extensively and generate reports without slowing down Care21,” added Yogessvaran. “For example, our accounts team generates daily financial reports, which they couldn’t do before. Now, they can even analyse data anytime they need.”
Increased confidence in IT
IT staff can perform the maintenance and upgrading without causing downtime. As a result, hospital managers have greater confidence. “Managers can focus on operations because applications are more reliable,” says Seelan. “This make a big difference to them: if our core systems are 99.99% reliable, then downtime is no longer a worry—half of their headache is gone.”
Better prospects for expansion
Within the next two years, Columbia Asia plans to open two more hospitals in Malaysia and two in Indonesia. According to Seelan, their rock-solid server platform provides an invaluable platform for this expansion. “With a new server operating system it means we can open these new hospitals more efficiently and reliably,” he says. “Whatever challenges we might face in the future, IT will not be one of them.”

Solution Overview

Customer: Columbia Asia Sdn. Bhd. 

Customer Size: 6000 employees 

Country or Region: Southeast Asia 

Customer Profile 

Established in Kuala Lumpur in 1994, Columbia Asia is an international private healthcare company that owns and operates 24 multi-specialty hospitals in Malaysia, India, Vietnam and Indonesia. The hospitals provide healthcare services to approximately 400–500 patients a day. In Malaysia, Columbia Asia operates 10 hospitals in Peninsular and East Malaysia. 

Software and Services 

 Microsoft Server Product Portfolio 

 Windows Server 2012 R2 

 Microsoft SQL Server 2012 

 Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 

Microsoft Office 365 

 Office 365 Exchange Plan 1 

 Office 365 E1 

 Office 365 E3 

 Technologies 

 Hyper-V 

 Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services 

 Active Directory 




Wednesday, 2 March 2016

KPJ Healthcare Streamlines and Upgrades IT Operations With Microsoft Office 365 and Cloud Solutions

KPJ Healthcare Berhad, Malaysia’s first homegrown and largest healthcare group has chosen to implement Microsoft’s Office 365 and Cloud solutions to upgrade and modernize its overall IT infrastructure for its entire network of hospitals in Malaysia and Indonesia.

KPJ is one of the leading private healthcare providers in the region. Embarking on many initiatives to improve the quality of care for patients, KPJ faced a major challenge to identify and implement an effective IT infrastructure across its hospitals that will enable it to make vital management decisions. KPJ turned to Microsoft to overcome these challenges and found a complete end-to-end as well as cost-effective solution, employing a hybrid of on-premise and cloud-based solution. The Group will also deploy 5,200 Microsoft Office 365 and 2,800 Pro Desktop licenses across its hospital network for a truly holistic IT environment.

Solution Overview

Product and Services

Microsoft Lync Server
Office 365



Organization Size

Large (1,000 - 9,999 employees)



“KPJ Healthcare is adopting cloud computing, and we have identified Microsoft as key partner. We look forward to working together to continue our quest for an improved healthcare system.” —Dr. Mubbashir Iftikhar, CIO, KPJ Healthcare

Business Needs

Like many providers in today’s consumer-driven world, KPJ Healthcare strives to improve how its physicians and staff interact with each other and with patients. The organization has adopted new technologies such as electronic medical record systems so patients can view their own medical histories and doctors can share data in different facilities.
Previously, KPJ communicated with a disparate mix of private-branch exchange (PBX) telephone, text messages, email, and online instant messaging from Yahoo and Google. Without a centralized collaboration environment, doctors and other staff lacked a single point of communication, which often delayed responses, compromised productivity, and negatively affected the patient experience.


KPJ adopted Microsoft Office 365 to use Microsoft Lync Online instant messaging and web conferencing. With an intuitive, user-friendly interface and integration with Microsoft Outlook, Lync Online helps KPJ staff communicate more efficiently, and Lync Online interoperates seamlessly with the healthcare provider’s existing teleconferencing environment, Telehealth. As KPJ adopts other components of Office 365 such as Exchange Online and SharePoint Online, it will develop a complete collaboration environment.

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By adopting Office 365 and Lync Online, KPJ Healthcare has developed a unified communications environment that will help it work more efficiently and improve healthcare delivery. Benefits include:
  • A centralized, comprehensive collaboration package
  • Reliable integration with existing line-of-business applications
  • Familiarity and ease of use for staff
  • Enhanced patient experience


Wednesday, 1 July 2015

G&J Pepsi Strives for Operational Excellence with Microsoft

 Slashed licensing fees, reduced implementation costs and proved ROI

G&J Pepsi-Cola Bottlers, Inc., the US's largest independent Pepsi bottler, consistently looks for ways to improve its operations to drive business growth, and is an IT standard-bearer in the bottling and distribution industry.

Like many companies fighting for market share, G&J Pepsi's Chris Witzgall, Vice President of Information Systems, is constantly exploring ways that technology will drive operational efficiency throughout the company's 11 locations in Ohio and Kentucky so that he not only reduces costs, but supports sales, marketing, production and other departments in order to grow revenues. G&J focuses mostly on the activities that impact their core bottling and distribution centered businesses. Then they collaborate with a small number of partners to outsource non-strategic commodity workload.

With the help of a consulting company., G&J Pepsi's IT team removed workloads by moving email and collaboration tools to the cloud using Microsoft's Office 365. They boosted their ability for real-time from anywhere on any device communication with LyncEnterprise Voice. Furthermore, they added Windows Azure to enable disaster recovery from the cloud. Then G&J outsourced the support of Office 365, Lync Voice, and a major piece of their server infrastructure to Outcousing company. By shifting some processes to cloud computing and outsourcing others, G&J Pepsi became more agile and efficient.

The transition allowed Witzgall's small IT team to stop maintaining, monitoring, patching and fixing the complex configuration problems with these workloads. By shifting to Office 365, G&J avoided spending $30,000+ in future hardware and software upgrades needed to support the latest version of Exchange.

"We were spending many hours a month on Exchange patches, backups and maintaining storage for the virtualization environment," Witzgall said. "Email is one of those areas we feel is more of a commodity service, and any time we spend supporting it is not time well spent."

Witzgall has worked with consultant on multiple projects to automate G&J's infrastructure. He views consultant as an extension of his IT team, and the partnership allows him to service the company's 1,600 employees with a small IT staff. In fact, the first time Witzgall engaged with consultant to explore moving to the cloud, consulting company recommended waiting. “G&J had already upgraded their infrastructure to the latest releases, their infrastructure was solid and running well – so it made sense for them to wait until the next major revisions were released in the cloud before they migrated,” says President of cloud consulting company.

The consultant team walked Witzgall through possible options for migrations and technology that would allow G&J employees to access information from any device with a single sign on. Consulting company  then gathered information to help Witzgall make the business case for moving the company's email to the cloud and adding Lync and Azure.

Pre-Assessment Analysis Reveals Cost Savings 
Consulting company completed a technical assessment to make sure G&J could easily move to the cloud, and then a business assessment to make sure that such a move aligned with company business objectives. Consultant also provided a detailed hard cost return-on-investment report demonstrating how the new technologies would help G&J not only save money but give employees tools to help them operate and communicate more efficiently.

Pre-Assessment Analysis : G&J Pepsi also received a written plan explaining how to get ready for a cloud migration and a project plan outlining who would own what part of the migration to make sure everyone was on the same page. The process also includes documentation on how to set up the new system, how to cut users over and a communication plan IT managers use to tell employees what is going to happen and when. Consultant also provides end user training guides so employees know how to use the new system’s functionality.

Consultant's role was to manage the project, build the redundancy and failover capability and ensure there was no data loss in the migration to Office 365.

Because Consultant carefully watches Microsoft partner incentives, consultant was able to alert G&J Pepsi to funding from Microsoft that allowed G&J to reduce the consulting costs of installation by 75%. Additionally, Consultant helped G&J secure and utilize 100 free licenses of Office 365 and a promotion that offered an 80% cut in the retail cost of Office 365 licenses, saving G&J Pepsi's $100,000 over three years.

"The implementation was very smooth," Witzgall said. "Consultant handled the initial set up and testing, which was crucial. Then they helped us get the first set of users up and going, and we took it from there, with consultant acting as a resource when we needed it."

Moving to Office 365 allowed G&J Pepsi to eliminate $1,500 in annual spam filtering costs and another $2,500 in annual maintenance for Symantec Enterprise Vault, which the company used for email archiving. The move to the cloud-based system also freed up about 3 TB of storage, and it allowed G&J to give everyone in the company access to email with Microsoft’s low cost kiosk emails plans. HR will be streamlining their processes with this new digital communication channel.

Lync Drives Internal and Partner Collaboration 
The bulk of G&J Pepsi's 1,600 employees work in 11 locations in two states. In addition, many employees work from home, and the salesforce operates in the field on more than 300 routes. Because of the dispersed work force, G&J needed a more robust and mobile friendly collaboration system. Consultant helped them upgrade to the latest version of  Lync Enterprise Voice, which give them a new level of functionality including better mobile access and enhanced web meetings.

Upgrading to Lync 2013 "allows people to participate in meetings easier, and access corporate information in real time," Witzgall said. Mobile employees previously printed information from their laptops or had to drive around looking for good wifi Internet connections if they wanted to participate in meetings while they were traveling.

Now, they can provide customers instant information from their devices of choice and join meetings from their smartphone, tablet or other device no matter where they are, and no matter what operating system their device uses, he said.

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Azure Allows On-Premise Integration with Cloud Applications 
Like many companies, G&J Pepsi needs its technology systems to be highly available and redundant. As part of building that redundancy, Consultant showed G&J how using Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform would provide them with disaster recovery for its critical authentication workloads.

 Those workloads include Active Directory for user authentication, Directory sync for synchronizing users and groups between their on premise network and the cloud, and Password sync, which allows users to have single sign on abilities for their desktop computer and web applications.

"Azure's infrastructure as a service allows us to have full functionality to authenticate users without on premise equipment, so if we lost our datacenter, our employees can still fully communicate," Witzgall said.

With Azure, resources are readily available and accessible, user authentication requests are quick because Azure sits in the same data center as Office 365, and companies do not have to build the hardware or obtain software licenses to run it from their own data center.

From Blocking & Tackling to Proactive Business Decision-Making

 Removing basic blocking and tackling technology maintenance tasks like email, backups and worries about disaster recovery allow Witzgall and his team to think more about how they approach the business and how they can make employees more productive.

"One of the biggest benefits is that Office 365 allows us to give our sales team all the information they need to get their jobs done," Witzgall said. Coupled with Lync, employees have "the tools they need to make a sale and to make more sales. Without a productive sales team, the company isn't going to grow." G&J continues to grow their partnership with  Consulting company. “They are on our same wavelength for outsourcing and being efficient. The consulting company continues to find ways to gain funding for us and use technology even if it means less revenue to themselves,” concludes Witzgall.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Microsoft Office 365 Business upgrade path

Our previous blog post discuss about Microsoft detach Office and email Exchange online from Office 365 Plan. Now customer can choose Office only, Email only or Cloud ( both ).

What if your company need Office only but do not required email or Exchange online at the moment. Then, your company should subscripted to Office 365 Business, which comprises Office desktop apps only like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Publisher but excluding Microsoft Access.

With Microsoft office 365 instead of on Premises license like Office 2013. Now your company can use Office mobile apps on tablet and smartphone up to 5 devices.

In addition to that, your company get 1TB of cloud storage of One Drive for Business. 1TB effective unlimited storage. This can be configure to automatic backup and sync and can be a low cost Disaster Recovery plan in the event you lost any hardware like laptop, tablet or smartphone. Hardware can be replace easily but not data.

But, what is the upgrade plan available.

If your company want Microsoft Access, then your company can choose Office 365 ProPlus, this packages include Self Services Business Intelligence like PowerPivot etc, Shared computer activation ( RDS ). This packages also support On premises server setup like if your company already have On-premises Exchange Server, SharePoint Server or Lync Server and if your company want to keep those server. 

Rarely other open source spreadsheet have the ability of PowerPivot which can support Excel Pulgin (xll) and PowerPivot for Self Services Business Intelligence.

Alternatively, when your company want to expand your cloud operation  to include Email and Calendering, Exchange Online with email like Your company can upgrade to Office 365 Business premium later. This packages include Online Meeting, Messenger Sharepoint Online and Yammer.

If your company upgrade to full cloud packages to include Email and Calendering.  Then your expectation to your ICT Consultant change as follow : 

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Add / Change the Partner of Record (POR) on an Office 365 Enterprise E3 Subscription or 30 days free trial

How do we add/change Partner of Record?

Although the basic steps documented in post on the same topic  on Small Business and Midsize Business and  (Beta Accountare essentially accurate, I thought I would provide an example with updated on Office 365 Enterprise E3 screenshots:

1a) From the Office 365 Enterprise E3 Dashboard,  select “Billing” link on the left hand side bar :

1b) Then select “subscriptions” link on left hand side bar:

2) From the Licenses Subscriptions screen, select "Subscription details" on the right hand side:

3) From the Subscriptions Details screen, go to the lower right corner click "Add" to fill in the partner information:

4) Put in our partner cloud ID : 3359965 and click OK:

Arbirage Sdn Bhd

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 via Windows Intune to save cost. 通過Windows Intune從Window XP升級到Window 7,節省成本

Some people still prefer to use Window XP despite end of support by Microsoft. But what option you have if you want to upgrade to Window 7 or Window 8?

Moravia IT needed to renew the Windows 7 licenses for its virtual machines, and it wanted to upgrade its physical PCs from Windows XP to Windows 7. The company acquired desktop and virtualized versions of Windows 7 Enterprise included with a subscription to the Windows Intune PC-management service. As a result, Moravia IT kept hardware expenses low and extended the life of its physical PCs.

Organization Profile

Moravia IT is headquartered in the Czech Republic and offers software localization, testing, multilingual publishing, and technical translation services for companies around the world.

*By adopting Windows Intune, we can continue to simplify our IT infrastructure, keep costs down, and still offer more IT services to our customers.*

Přemysl Vala
CIO, Moravia IT

In 2011, Through the Microsoft Software Assurance program, Moravia IT had the licensing it needed for its PCs that ran Windows 7, but not for older PCs that still ran the Windows XP operating system. The company needed to acquire new Windows 7 licenses for virtual machines, and it wanted to upgrade its physical PCs.


In late 2011, Moravia IT began working with a provider of IT services, The IT services provider evaluated the business needs at Moravia IT and proposed that the company adopt Windows Intune—a cloud-based PC-management and security service from Microsoft—and acquire desktop and virtualized versions of Windows 7 Enterprise included with its subscription to Windows Intune.

Because Windows Intune is supported with cloud-computing resources delivered as services over the Internet, Moravia IT adopted the service without having to deploy or manage any new hardware or software. At only slightly higher cost than purchasing the 60 virtual Windows 7 licenses it needed, the company upgraded 40 existing PCs from Windows XP to Windows 7 Enterprise and adopted a remote maintenance tool that it can use to monitor and update its PC environment—even outside the Active Directory domain. By using Windows Intune, Moravia IT can provide endpoint protection for PCs with tools built on the same Microsoft Endpoint Protection Engine used in the Microsoft Forefront Protection Suite.

By May 2012, Moravia IT installed Windows 7 Enterprise on all of its virtual and physical PCs, and it had begun testing Windows Intune in preparation for implementing the PC-management and endpoint protection features throughout its PC environment.


By adopting Windows Intune, Moravia IT obtained the operating system licenses it needed to maintain its virtualized PC environment, kept hardware expenses down, used its hardware and software resources more effectively, and saved money by upgrading and extending the life of its physical PCs.

Cost Advantage Through Virtualization

By using Windows Intune to acquire new Windows 7 Enterprise licenses, Moravia IT was able to maintain its virtual PC environment and preserve the one-third infrastructure savings it had achieved through virtualization. The company added to its virtualization savings by obtaining licenses for virtual versions of Windows 7 Enterprise with its monthly subscription to Windows Intune, instead of having to pay the total annual license fees all at once.

“By adopting Windows Intune, we can continue to simplify our IT infrastructure, keep costs down, and still offer more IT services to our customers,” says Přemysl Vala, CIO at Moravia IT.

通過Windows Intune從Window XP升級到Window 7,節省成本

有些人仍然喜歡使用Window XP儘管微軟支持已經結束 。 但是,如果你想升級到微軟Windows 7或Window 8有什麼選擇 

Moravia IT需要更新的Windows 7虛擬機許可證,並希望其從Windows XP實體PC升級至Windows 7,公司購買桌面和Windows的虛擬化版本7企業版包含雲端Windows Intune個人電腦管理服務。 其結果是,Moravia IT硬件成本費用,延長了其實體PC的使用壽命。 


Moravia IT的總部設在捷克共和國,並為世界各地的公司提供軟件本地化,測試,多語種出版,翻譯,技術翻譯服務。 

*通過採用Windows Intune,我們可以繼續簡化我們的IT基礎架構,降低成本,而且還提供了更多的IT服務於廣大客戶。*

Přemysl Vala

2011年,通過微軟軟件保障計劃(Software Assurance program),Moravia IT運行Window 7的個人電腦有授權,但仍然運行Window XP操作系統的舊電腦沒有 該公司需要獲取新的Windows 7虛擬機的許可證,並希望將其實體PC升級。


在2011年底,Moravia開始委任IT服務供應商,以在Moravia IT評估業務需求和建議,該IT服務供應商建議採用Windows Intune-一種微軟基於雲個人電腦管理和安全服務,端的Windows Intune包括配置桌面和虛擬化版本Windows 7企業版 。 

由於Windows Intune支持計算資源與在互聯網交付服務,Moravia無需購買或管理任何新的硬件或軟件採用这种服務。 公司將現有40個人電腦從Windows XP升級到Windows 7企業版,成本只比購買60台虛擬的Windows 7許可證略高並采用遠程維護工具來監控和更新其個人電腦環境,甚至Active Directory以外。 使用Windows Intune ,Moravia IT可以提供個人電腦端點防護工具建立在相同的微軟端點保護引擎工具Microsoft Forefront Protection Suite保護套件中。 

2012年5月,Moravia IT已經在所有的虛擬和實體PC安裝Windows 7企業版,已經開始測試Windows Intune ,準備在其個人電腦保留環境中實施個人電腦管理和端點保護功能。 


通過採用Windows Intune ,Moravia科技獲得操作系統許可證,維持其虛擬PC環境,保持低硬件開銷,更有效地利用其硬件和軟件資源,並通過升級和延長其實體PC的使用壽命節省金錢 


通過使用Windows Intune獲取新的Windows 7企業版許可證,Moravia IT就能夠保持它的虛擬PC環境,並保留它通過虛擬化來節省三分之一的基礎設施架構 該公司通過其每月雲端版本的Windows Intune ,獲取適用於虛擬化Windows 7企業許可增加其虛擬化架構節省,而不必一下子支付每年牌照費。 

“通過採用Windows Intune ,我們可以繼續簡化我們的IT基礎架構,降低成本,而且還提供了更多的IT服務給我們的客戶,“Moravia IT首席信息官Přemysl Vala說。