Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Consulate Health Care connects and supports their growing workforce with Citrix solutions

Consulate Health Care was founded in 1997 with a single care center. The company is now the largest provider of senior healthcare services in the state of Florida and the sixth largest in the United States. Headquartered in Maitland, Florida, Consulate operates more than 200 care centers across 21 states, providing services that include short-term rehabilitative programs, post-acute transitional care and Alzheimer’s and dementia care. Consulate’s 23,000 employees serve more than 40,000 patients annually.


Over the past few years, Consulate Health Care expanded rapidly. Along the way, the company wound up with multiple conferencing tools across offices, which complicated administration and collaboration. “All cost a different amount per minute. Some had exorbitant charges. Some were reasonable but the quality wasn’t great,” explained Kurt Rodriguez, vice president of telecommunications. At the same time, the team was moving to a centralized model of IT and needed an effective way to support their systems and employees nationwide.

"We need the best tools to support our caregivers as they care for our patients. That’s why Citrix is part of our continuous commitment to find the best technology."
- Mark Crandall, Chief Information Officer

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After evaluating four different products, Consulate Health Care settled on Citrix collaboration solutions for their ease of use, mobile performance and flexible pricing. “GoToMeeting and OpenVoice were our choices because they gave us everything we need,” said Rodriguez. The centralized IT team soon followed with GoToAssist to streamline support to their remote workforce. “We’re looking to Citrix GoToAssist to help us provide the best service possible,” said Mark Crandall, chief information officer.

"Citrix tools enable us to provide care with our hearts in our hands, and that’s really why we all come to work every day."
- Mark Crandall, Chief Information Officer


  • Teams in offices nationwide and caregivers in the field collaborate through GoToMeeting and OpenVoice to help provide the best possible care to their patients.
  • GoToMeeting and OpenVoice offers Consulate Health Care a flexible platform where they can review usage on a quarterly basis and adjust their subscription accordingly. GoToAssist allows the IT team to provide support to their remote workforce while keeping their resources centralized, enabling the team to effectively scale for growth.
  • The Citrix cloud-based solutions help Consulate Health Care cut down on their datacenter footprints and capital costs by reducing the need to own and update their own facilities.

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