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Lim Ko Pi 啉咖啡. Ipoh version of Edelweiss Café !

Edelweiss Café  in Penang reputable to be a cafe that preserve heritage building and  the interior are decorated with antiques like a mini museum that have antique stuff like building, furniture, iron, clock, tiffin, etc for it customer to view, provide "good food and drink in heritage environment". The Cafe also features in a documentary.  Now, in Ipoh, We also have a similar Kopitiam that with heritage theme, despite not yet like a mini museum like Edelweiss Café. But you can have food and drink at much cheaper price comparativelt to Edelweiss Café  . The Kopitiam call Lim Ko Pi 啉咖啡, which just opened for business on 30 April 2011.  The entrance to Lim Ko Pi 啉咖啡

The Kopitiam operate by Lim Family, which spend approximately RM5million to acquired 12 pre-war buildings in Ipoh for conservation as they are passionate about everything vintage.The family decided to “start small” by restoring the shop next to Oversea Building, formerly occupied by an insurance company, into a kopitiam.
The shop’s name means Drink Coffee in Teochew, the clan which Lim Chai Hock belongs to.

The building had housed the Bank Of Malaya, the first Chinese bank in Ipoh founded in 1920 until it was forced to close in 1930 due to the Great Depression. Later, it was taken over by Overseas-Chinese Banking Corporation Ltd. “Restoration works and the starting of Lim Ko Pi cost about RM450,000,” said  Lim Chai Hock 52. Perak State EXCO Dato' Dr Mah Hang Soon also visited the Cafe after knowing the family invested such amount to preserve heritage in Ipoh. The family also offer 1st floor of the building as a venue of meeting for those who passionate about vintage, antique and heritage to meet regularly.
Busy time at Lim Ko Pi 啉咖啡 ( The Star )

The special feature of this kopitiam is that at the back of the shop, there are 2 separate enclosures which can accommodate 2 kopitiam tables. It is open air and has a garden theme at the back of the shop, with port holes and airwells characteristic of turn-of-the-century shophouses, gracefully set off by potted plants.

Their bread and homemade Pao ( Buns) is reputable. Oversea Building next to it would be restored and made into a budget hotel.
Partners in business: Chai Hock helping his wife Lee (at the till) to operate Lim Ko Pi 啉咖啡 whenever he is on leave. ( The Star )

Below are Excerpt from Nanayang dated 2 Aug 2011:

City council analysing possibility of assessment reduction as an incentive for heritage perservation

市厅研究保育古迹奖励 老建筑物或扣门牌税

他说,市政厅也将尽量协助翻新旧店成为经典酒店(Boutique Hotel)的业主,与消防及拯救局研究,是否可以和其他国家乃至国内州属如马六甲和槟城一样,豁免拆除木板楼
林家感激本报独家报道 啉咖啡获州内高官垂注
迎接明年霹州旅游年 老店受促装修门面
李玉珠说,市长欣慰林家已开始着手复新啉咖啡右邻的三间旧店,包括怡保开埠后,其中第一间开设的华侨银行(OCBC Bank)以及益和当店。
Excerpt from nanyang

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Documentary on heritage,vintage,history, antique, festivals of Penang

Yellow Pictures Sdn Bhd produced a series of cultural documentary on Malaysian Chinese. The documentary has been supported by and air via Astro AEC. The documentary explore heritage , vintage, history, antique , cultural of Malaysian Chinese in Malaysia. DVD Collections are now released.

The DVD documentary series in Mandarin version with English and Malay subtitle. Despite with English and Malay subtitle. It is a bit difficult for non-Chinese educated people to view the series. I hereby share my guide for non-Chinese educated people to watch the series.

In conjunction with anniversary of Penang being declare World heritage site tomorrow (7 July 2011). We start our review on documentary series that cover Penang's ( Pulau Pinang ) heritage, history, vintage, antique and festivals for those who passionate about above and tourist.

<Malaysia My Home>

Episode 9

For those who non- Chinese educated. We encourage you to start with Episode 9 of <Malaysia My Home> (pic above). Especially for those who passionate about heritage,vintage, antique and history. This is because the documentary in such Episode interview a Baba-Nyonya. Baba-Nyonya are descendants of late 15th and 16th-century Malaysian Chinese. Due to the fact that they were mostly English educated, some lost the ability to speak Chinese. Their native speaking or mother tongue are English. Thus, they speck English rather than Chinese. Thus, non-Chinese educated people able to understand what she speak and won't get bore. The Episode also interview  Teresa Capol, an Indian lady who passionate about heritage, vintage and antique collection regardless of race. Thus, a large part of the Episode 9 converse in English. It seem those non-Chinese speaking are more passionate in preserving our Chinese heritage. They are activists behind Penang Heritage Trust.The Penang Heritage Trust is an organisation set up to promote the conservation of Penang's heritage and to foster greater awareness of the history and heritage of Penang. This episode also features Penang Heritage Trust. Teresa Capol also operate Edelweiss Café, Edelweiss Cafe provide "good food and drink in heritage environment". The cafe house a little museum which can be view if owner is not busy. The cafe house a lot of Teresa Capol vintage & antique collection. You able to watch Edelweiss Cafe in the Episode. Teresa Capol also bring us to visit Lorong Kulit  (off Dato Keramat Road) in the documentary, a Flea market where you can shop for your vintage & antigue collection at bargain price at Georgetown, Penang. The Episode also features Tan Yeow Wooi 陳耀威, an architect, who passionate and specialise in restroring heritage building, A Sketches artists, and another heritage tour guide at Penang Heritage Trust Lim Sheau Fung.

Episode 10

The second episode we recommended for non-Chinese educated is Episode 10. Episode 10 features Chew Jetty, one of the Clan jetties, is part of Penang heritage trail. The Clan jetties are named after the last name of the residence. The Clan jetties consist of eight jetties, named after their surnames, “Lim”, “Chew” “Tan”, “Lee”, “Yeoh”, “Koay”, “Peng Aun” and Mixed Clans. Clan Jetties, is a very unique lifestyle in Penang, and it has long been a living heritage, especially those built along Weld Quay of Georgetown. Chew Jetty still remains as the largest water village among the rest.Riding on the city’s successful listing as a Unesco World Heritage Site, a Weld Quay clan jetty resident here has initiated a homestay programme for tourists to experience life on the famous waterfront settlement.

Other part of <Malaysia My Home> explores the customs, religious beliefs and education backgrounds of Malaysian Chinese.

Unfortunately, other episode in the DVD not related to Penang ( Pulau Pinang ), We will write a review on other episode later. Now. Let see another DVD in the series related to Penang ( Pulau Pinang ).

<My Roots>

The second DVD series that relatd to Penang is <My Roots>. This is more on Festival in Penang ( Pulau Pinang ). Penang is one of the most colourful places , in terms of its wealth of culture. Due to its racial mix, there is always a festival happening around the corner.  The above DVD <My Roots> features 3 festival in Penang usually around Jan & Feb each years.

Episode 7 Hokkien New Year at Chew Jetty

There is a saying that states you have not truly experienced Chinese New Year until you have celebrated it in Penang. The reason behind this is because Penangites celebrate Hokkien New Year in addition to Chinese New Year. You must be thinking – what? Hokkien New Year? How is this different from Chinese New Year? Basically, Hokkien New Year is celebrated on the 9th day of Chinese New Year. The Hokkien New Year is to celebrate the day when the Hokkiens escaped mistreatment by ruthless army in ancient China by seeking refuge in a sugarcane plantations. The Hokkiens emerged unharmed on the 9th day of Chinese New Year, and it was then considered as new year for the Hokkiens.

The 9th day of Chinese New Year also coincides with the birthday of the Jade Emperor of Heaven (Thni Kong Seh). The Hokkien community in Penang celebrates Thni Kong Seh around midnight on the eighth day, by praying to the Jade Emperor of Heaven (or Thee kong – translated as “king of the heavens”). While most homes would have their own celebration and prayers, the largest celebration was in Chew Jetty.
The Chew Jetty has one of the biggest community Thni Kong Seh celebration in Penang. The celebration was held on the eighth day of the Chinese New Year , and started from around 8pm to midnight. Episode 7 of <My Roots> features how Chew Jetty celebrate Hokkien New Year, a tourist attraction.

Episode 8 Chap Goh Meh & Tua Pek Kong Float Procession In Penang

Chap Goh Meh is the last day of the Chinese New Year in Penang.
Chap Goh Meh is also known as the Lantern festival although it should not be confused with the Moon Festival (Mid Autumn Festival), which is also known as the Lantern Festival. Chap Goh Meh ends the 15 days of the Chinese New Year and in Penang, with its large Chinese population it is always a big celebration. Penang 'Tua Pek Kong' Float Procession during Chinese Valentine Day (Chap Goh Meh) organised by Poh Hock Seah Temple.

Episode 4 : Malaysian Chinese in involvement in celebration of  Thaipussam.

The Penang Thaipusam is notably the biggest Indian Festival in Malaysia. The other popular location is Batu Caves, in Kuala Lumpur. Most tourist I talked to, planned their holidays to Penang to join in this colorful celebration.

You have to witness this grand pilgrimage of Hindus coming from all states of Malaysia during Penang Thaipusam. Not excluding the other races, they can be seen carrying trays with coconut, vibuthis (holy ashes) and flowers to offer to Lord Muruga.

The Penang Thaipusam is notably the biggest Indian Festival in Malaysia. The other popular location is Batu Caves, in Kuala Lumpur. Most tourist planned their holidays to Penang to join in this colorful celebration.

You have to witness this grand pilgrimage of Hindus coming from all states of Malaysia during Penang Thaipusam. Not excluding the other races, they can be seen carrying trays coconut, vibuthis (holy ashes) and flowers to offer to Lord Muruga.

Documentary DVD <My Roots>. features few malaysian Chinese, who celebrate Thaipussam, an indian festival. This is a mix of cultural between Chinese and Indian. One Malaysia already happen. Malaysia, truely asia..

The above two DVD in Mandarin (Chinese) with English & Malay subtitle, available at Popular book store in Malaysia. Overseas buyer can email to us or visit our various web store link available at our Facebook.

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Our feedback and proposal for Ipoh Master Plan 2020年怡保发展大蓝图

Our company's CEO has submitted two feedback on Ipoh Draft Local Plan 2020 as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme to contribute back to the community. Our first feedback and proposal submitted before the deadline on 23 Aug 2010. After the deadline has been extended for another one month. We have submitted our second feedback and proposal before the final deadline on 22 Sept 2010. Our CEO has attended a Public Hearing on 3 May 2011. Despite mentioned as Public Hearing. Our CEO only allowed to went in alone to face a Panel of Committee headed by State financial officer Datuk Jamaluddin Al-Amini Ahmad.

Below are our feedback at Public Hearing as follow:

Below are our first feedback and proposal submitted before 23 Aug 2010:

1) BP2 Station 18 Pengkalan - Bandar Botani

There is a lot of investor from Perak who invest in Sabah and Vice-Verse, Example of public listed company are MHC (5026) Which invest in Cepat (8982) and TSH (9059) which invest in Ekowood (5091). There are many private company within the states which do the same. However, there is no direct flight between Sabah and Perak. We proposed a direct flight between Ipoh and Sabah so that investor from Manjong District of Perak do not required to go to KLIA to take flight to Sabah and Vice-Verse to make Ipoh airport more lively.

Follow Up : In response to question from The Star on 23 March 2011. Sabah Cheif Minister Datuk Musa Aman has stated that in the very near future, direct flights between Sabah and Perak will happen.

2) BP2 Station 18 Pengkalan - Bandar Botani

We suggest that the proposed LRT system has to be connected to Manjung District, which is the most prosperous district in Perak. This also can move the Navy personal base in Lumut to come to Ipoh to make Ipoh more lively.

Follow Up : Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir has requested Transport Minister to carry out a study on the feasibility of having a train service between Ipoh and Lumut on 20 September 2010.  Approximately one month after our proposal. On 27 September 2010 Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha said  Ministry has begun a preliminary study on the proposed rail service between Ipoh and Lumut.

3) BP4 Medan Ipoh - Bercham - Tasek - Tanjung Rambutan

Proposed LRT system should have a connection between Bercham - Tasek and Ipoh KTMB Railway station to bring in University student of University Tunku Abdul Rahman in Kampar to shopping hub in Ipoh. There is already a Electric Train Services currently betwen Ipoh and KL which pass by Kampar. Student of University Tunku Abdul Rahman from Kampar able to take the Electric Train Services to Ipoh but the public transport between Ipoh raiway station and major shopping hub in Ipoh are not that convenient

4) BP6 Meru - Jelapang - Silibin - Menglembu

Ipoh contribute about 60% of shoe export and production in Malaysia. However, There is no Fashion & Shoe industrial Cluster under Ipoh Master Plan 2020. We proposed Falim and Menglembu become Fashion & Shoe industrial cluster, rather than Falim amd Menglembu become Engineering & Welding industrial Cluster under Ipoh Master Plan 2020. We feel that Pengkalan Industrial area are more suitable for Engineering and Welding Cluster as, metal, steel, iron foundry and machinery industry at Pengkalan Industrial area are competitive and able to export to other country like Indonesia.

Follow Up : On 10 Feb 2011, The city council has offered a 10.5ha plot land in the Pengkalan Industrial Area here for the Ipoh Shoe City Project.

Below are our second feedback and proposal submitted before 22 Sept 2010 as follow:

5) BP2 Station 18 - Pengkalan - Bandar Botani

 Ipoh Master Plan 2020 proposed that Pengkalan Industrial area become Food industry Cluster. We feel that the whole Ipoh or even whole Perak state are Food industrial Cluster as we have soy sauce, edible oil, Ipoh white coffee and various other food manufacturer in Ipoh and Perak. Thus, we feel that Food industrial Cluster not necessary in Ipoh.

6) BP2 Station 18 - Pengkalan - Bandar Botani
We suggest Pengkalan Industrial Area become wholesaler and warehousing cluster. Pengkalan Industrial Area do not lack of wholeseller like Mau Dan and Xin Loong. The cluster can go as far as Simpang Pulai. Two MNC, both Tesco and GCH (Giant) have invested more than RM60million each in Simpang Pulai to set up Distribution Centre for Fresh Food due to it close proximity of it with Cameron Highland. Government Agency State Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority (FAMA) also set up National Food Terminal (Teman) in Simpang Pulai. Thus, we proposed Pengkalan Industrial Area together with Simpang Pulai to become Wholesaler and Warehousing Cluster. Together with Fashion & Shoe Industrial Cluster, which will included Shoe wholesaler. This will form a very strong industrial cluster in Ipoh.

Follow Up : FDI, Investor from China...Wenzhou  温州 also choose a place near Pengkalan Industrial area to set up a Trade Centre as at April 2011. Thus, Foreign Direct Investor also feel the potential of that area.

7) BP6 Meru - Jelapang - Silibin - Menglembu

We feel that Kedah Paddy Museum are very successful in attracting tourist to Kedah. We feel we should have one similar Museum in Ipoh or Perak to attract tourist. We proposed a Tin Mining Museum to be set up. And location should be at Tanjung Tualang Tin Dredge. Tanjung Tualang Tin Dredge is about to sink within 2 months and required RM360,000 to restore it and prevent it from sinking further.

 Documentary DVD series: "Malaysia, My Home 2". Explore live of Malaysian Chinese. Episode 10 featuring Tanjung Tualang Tin Dredge, the person in charge and Perak Heritage Society. The DVDs are in Mandarin with English and Malay subtitled. This DVD available in major Popular bookstores in Malaysia

Outcome : State financial officer Datuk Jamaluddin Al-Amini Ahmad has rejected the above proposal immediately claiming that Tanjung Tualang was outside jurisdiction of Ipoh City Council

Follow Up : Senior State Executive Councilor of Perak Datuk Hamidah Osman announced that Perak state government has allocated RM3.5million to restore Tanjung Tualang Tin Dredge few weeks after public hearing Nanyang Siang Pao feature Tanjung Tualang Tin Dredge at it travel column .

8) BP6 Meru -Jelapang - Silibin - Menglembu

We proposed an Innovation University to be set up near Fashion & shoe industrial cluster and Ceramic industrial Cluster to transform Ipoh from Industrial economy to become knowledge economy or innovative economy.

Outcome : State financial officer Datuk Jamaluddin Al-Amini Ahmad also rejected this proposal immediately due to it high cost.

9) BP2 Station 18 - Pengkalan -Bandar Botani

We proposed Pengkalan Industrial Area together with Simpang Pulai to become second Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) hub in Ipoh, Perak, rather than Greentown announced earlier. This will encourage Tesco and GCH ( Giant), which has invested RM60million each to set up Distribution Centre in Simpang Pulai. To make this area become Shares Services Centre (SSC) for retail industry. And to become R&D centre for Retail industry developing Supply chain Management (SCM) system, Point of Sales (POS) system and Warehouse Management System (WMS). Ecommence industry company like us also able to get supply from wholesaler here.

Outcome : State financial officer Datuk Jamaluddin Al-Amini Ahmad also rejected the above proposal immediately claiming that I have conflict of interest to locate my own company in that area to apply for MSC status. As I am surprise they will reject the proposal. I become speechless. However,after the public hearing, I feel that both Tesco & GCH (Giant) have invested more than RM60 million each in that area but we did nothing to capitalize on their investment. Foreign Investor from China, Wenzhou also invest in that area.

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