Monday, 28 November 2011

Jeff Hoffman Vs Naval Ravikant

Silicon Valley come to Malaysia Conference has ended more than one month. I am a slow learner and still digesting what happen at the event one month ago.

A lot of publicity on Naval Ravikant of AngelList. Malaysia business weekly The Edge feature an article on Naval speech and Malaysia's radio station also BFM89.9 also interview Naval.

In his keynote. Naval said  not to pay attention to idea, as they are irrelevant today. "Ideas are worthless as many can just sit around and think them up." Naval said he choose a team base on the team Intelligent during his interview with BFM89.9. That doesn't sound encouraging if your company never choose as top 100 company or never selected to one to one session. There is more than 500 team participate at Silicon Valley come to Malaysia Conference but only 100 choose as top 100 and less than 50 team has been chosen for one to one session with Silicon icon. Thus, Naval mean that there is at least 400 team or 80% of less intelligent team here. That doesn't sound motivated especially if your team never been selected.

Another icon from Silicon Valley Paul Bragiel of I/O Venture speak more specifically during his interview with Paul said the team must comprise strong technical people. A person who able to develop software as a team member. That sound better than Intelligent if your team never chosen and your team doesn't have a technical software developer.

The most inspires speaker are Jeff Hoffman of Jeff Hoffman said he has opportunity to meet with a lot of icon in traditional business. However, after speaking to those icon. He don't feel those call icon are smarter than you and me. That sound motivated.

Feedback survey by organiser also show that Jeff Hoffman has been voted the most motivated speaker of the event

Thus, it is worth watching his speech again even it last for more than one hour. Jeff also shares his entrepreneur journey at his keynote. Only two speaker did that. Another one is Joel Neoh of Groupon Malaysia. Apparently, Jeff Hoffman also not a technical software developer, at least not a skillful one.

Surprisingly, many people, even those who selected to have one to one session with Jeff do not know that Jeff operated a venture capital firm Smith-Hoffman Capital. What a watse that they never did their homework. If you do not have time to watch the above video. It worth reading this blog coverage as well

Also worth watching his Q&A session

Another icon Saad Khan of CMEA Capital, ask participate to email him if their start up fullfil the following 3 criteria :

1) Rewrite the rule

2) Never say die

3) Inspire

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