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Friday, 8 April 2016

Astute Financial Consulting with Citrix GoToAssist

Astute Financial Consulting provides service and support for small to medium-sized security alarm companies that need affordable accounting and business management solutions. Along with its consulting services, the company resells different cloud-based software packages that meet their clients’ industry-specific needs. As an all-around resource, Astute puts an emphasis on building close relationships with its clients. The company is based in Fort Collins, Colorado, and currently employs six people.
Key benefits
• Speeds up technical support and product training
• Reduces email overload for issue tracking
• Saves money and time over old file-sharing solution
• Ensures that clients get and send needed documents

The challenge: serving clients effectively

Astute Financial provides services for everything from accounting to reporting to software. “We’re basically like a partner for our clients,” said Jayme Hilmes, customer support manager for Astute Financial. Responsible for training and technical support, Hilmes is in daily contact with clients to ensure their questions are answered and their issues addressed. As such, she wanted a quick way to connect to clients and provide remote support.
In addition, the large number of requests she received through email made tracking issues difficult. Astute Financial was using Kayako to manage its help desk, but the software couldn’t keep up with the company’s demands. “It was pretty cumbersome,” Hilmes said. “Kayako had a website for a knowledge base, but it wasn’t as expansive as I wanted.” Without an easy path to self-service support, clients would resort to email, so Hilmes often had to sort through requests in her inbox rather than in her ticket queue.
At the same time, Astute Financial was in the early stages of launching a new project called the Benchmarks Program. “We’re gathering data from each of our clients and comparing them so people can get benchmarks on how well they’re doing on different areas in their company,” explained Hilmes.
The team projects that 100-200 people will take part in the Benchmarks Program in the next year, all of whom will have sensitive information to send. Astute Financial was using a service to manage file sharing internally, but with so many clients expected, the service was too costly for the team to roll out externally. Along similar lines, the number of new clients presented a mountain of upcoming paperwork that would need signing — a challenge which the firm’s traditional “print, sign and scan” approach was ill suited to handle.

GoToMeeting Free Trial

Putting Citrix solutions to work
Astute Financial had already been using Citrix GoToMeeting for years, so when Hilmes went looking for a remote support solution, she picked Citrix GoToAssist  “I prefer GoToAssist , because it’s just really quick,” she said. “Most of the clients I talk to everyday have it installed on his or her computer already, so it connects in seconds.”

Astute Financial then followed with GoToAssist Service Desk to replace its existing help desk solution. Hilmes had initially gone through a few different products attempting to find the right one, but they were missing key elements or were just hard to use. “So we tried Service Desk, and I liked it so much better than the other products,” she said. In particular, Hilmes appreciated the broad knowledge base functionality. “I have so many how-tos and guides and videos that I’ve created. I’m putting them all on my knowledge base now,” she said. “That was a big one for me.”

GoToMeeting Free Trial

For its new Benchmarks Program, Astute Financial chose Citrix ShareFile to replace its old service. The features and ease of use were similar between the two, but ShareFile’s pricing model, which includes unlimited client users, made the solution much more affordable. “We knew we needed to do external file sharing,” said Elizabeth Santi, project manager for Astute Financial and its Benchmarks Program. “The price of ShareFile was so much less than anything else that we just had to. It’s the only thing that made sense for setting up all of our clients.”
Astute Financial had also considered another company for its file-sharing needs, but ShareFile was faster in everyday use. “We did not have files synced directly to our own desktops, so sometimes the relay time to open and save a file was pretty lengthy,” said Santi. “I think that’s the biggest difference we’ve seen: time savings.”
Along with ShareFile, Astute Financial picked up Citrix RightSignature, which integrates right into the file-sharing solution so they could send documents for signatures easily. Astute Financial had not used an e-signature service before, instead relying on pen and paper for processing. “Being a technology company, we are expected to have the latest technology. That’s where RightSignature comes into play,” said Hilmes.

“I prefer GoToAssist because it’s just really quick. Most of the clients I talk to everyday have it on their computer already, so it connects in seconds.”
-Jayme Hilmes, Customer Support Manager

Improving and streamlining client interactions

For Astute Financial, GoToMeeting makes connecting and interacting with clients easier for everyone involved. “It’s simple to use on the client end, which is important to us,” said Hilmes. In the same vein, GoToMeeting saves effort for Hilmes, who frequently relies on the web conferencing solution to provide training for clients. For added convenience, she sets up her sessions using the GoToMeeting for Outlook Plugin. “I schedule so many trainings, and they’re all over my calendars, so the plugin is nice to have.”
Hilmes also appreciates how GoToAssist Service Desk handles client interactions. “The fact that they can log in and see their ticket on the Service Desk portal is great,” said Hilmes. “But more so, I like that clients can reply over email.” In GoToAssist Service Desk, email replies are captured inside the tickets, so conversations are kept in context in one place. “Things tend to go on and on, so it’s helping me a lot to keep track of all 50 responses that take place over the course of an issue,” said Hilmes.

Staying on top of document sharing

As part of its Benchmarks Program, Astute Financial is collecting plenty of information from lots of companies. For a project of this scope, it’s important to know exactly where everyone is at in the process. With ShareFile, Santi can easily keep an eye on things.

“The ShareFile Outlook Plugin is great. I like seeing when the recipient has downloaded the file I sent. I’m able to keep track of where we are, and I can reach out to them if I know they haven’t looked at the document yet. It also means I don’t have to worry about file size, or whether the file will translate properly when they open it, since when you directly open a file from email, it opens in Protected View.”
-Elizabeth Santi, Project Manager

Moving forward faster with Citrix

Looking forward, Santi anticipates using folder permissions within ShareFile to give clients direct access to download and upload files for the Benchmark Program. “It will save an immeasurable amount of time. No need to find the file, attach it, ask if they got it and then ask for a return file,” said Santi. “Instead, they just log in and grab what they need, when they need it. It’s so much simpler.”
And when it comes to GoToAssist, Hilmes also has bigger plans in mind. Given how successful it’s been for helping clients quickly, Hilmes is considering adding more seats for others on her team to use. “We are very happy with Citrix — 9 out of 10!” Hilmes said.

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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Consulate Health Care connects and supports their growing workforce with Citrix solutions

Consulate Health Care was founded in 1997 with a single care center. The company is now the largest provider of senior healthcare services in the state of Florida and the sixth largest in the United States. Headquartered in Maitland, Florida, Consulate operates more than 200 care centers across 21 states, providing services that include short-term rehabilitative programs, post-acute transitional care and Alzheimer’s and dementia care. Consulate’s 23,000 employees serve more than 40,000 patients annually.


Over the past few years, Consulate Health Care expanded rapidly. Along the way, the company wound up with multiple conferencing tools across offices, which complicated administration and collaboration. “All cost a different amount per minute. Some had exorbitant charges. Some were reasonable but the quality wasn’t great,” explained Kurt Rodriguez, vice president of telecommunications. At the same time, the team was moving to a centralized model of IT and needed an effective way to support their systems and employees nationwide.

"We need the best tools to support our caregivers as they care for our patients. That’s why Citrix is part of our continuous commitment to find the best technology."
- Mark Crandall, Chief Information Officer

GoToMeeting Free Trial


After evaluating four different products, Consulate Health Care settled on Citrix collaboration solutions for their ease of use, mobile performance and flexible pricing. “GoToMeeting and OpenVoice were our choices because they gave us everything we need,” said Rodriguez. The centralized IT team soon followed with GoToAssist to streamline support to their remote workforce. “We’re looking to Citrix GoToAssist to help us provide the best service possible,” said Mark Crandall, chief information officer.

"Citrix tools enable us to provide care with our hearts in our hands, and that’s really why we all come to work every day."
- Mark Crandall, Chief Information Officer


  • Teams in offices nationwide and caregivers in the field collaborate through GoToMeeting and OpenVoice to help provide the best possible care to their patients.
  • GoToMeeting and OpenVoice offers Consulate Health Care a flexible platform where they can review usage on a quarterly basis and adjust their subscription accordingly. GoToAssist allows the IT team to provide support to their remote workforce while keeping their resources centralized, enabling the team to effectively scale for growth.
  • The Citrix cloud-based solutions help Consulate Health Care cut down on their datacenter footprints and capital costs by reducing the need to own and update their own facilities.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Medical Laboratory Maintains High-Touch Service During Geographic Expansion With Citrix Solutions

"GoToAssist Remote Support is fantastic. It allows
our small but mighty IT staff to provide a high level of
support for people across the country."

Steve Klipp
Executive Vice President – Commercial Operations

PremierTox Laboratory is a pioneer in the reference laboratory marketplace, serving clinicians who prescribe controlled substances to treat pain as well as other debilitating disorders. The company is based in Russell Springs, Kentucky, and operates satellite labs in Tennessee and Texas. It specializes in toxicology, urine drug screening and therapeutic drug monitoring and provides services to hospitals and physician practices in 18 states in US. Founded in 2011 by a group of physicians and entrepreneurs, PremierTox currently employs about 200 people.

The Challenge: efficiently delivering signature service during business expansion

In a market sector with significant competition, PremierTox takes pride in its high level of service featuring regular interactions with customers. “A competitive lab’s sales rep might visit a customer’s location, but after signing them up for service, that rep may never be seen again,” said Steve Klipp, executive vice president, commercial operations. “Our sales managers are on site at least once a month and are even available to assist customers after hours and on weekends.” PremierTox
also sets itself apart with unique technology tools and customization capability.

“Unlike the ‘big box’ labs whose dominance allows them to take a one-size-fits-all approach, we are always working on ways to tailor our services, software, testing and report output to meet clinicians’ needs.”

PremierTox has always faced the challenge of geography. “We’re a state-of-the-art, multi-million-dollar laboratory located in Kentucky’s beautiful horse country, which is not just the home of our founders but also the center of the battle against drug abuse,” he said. “We’re very rural, but we have always been committed to hiring the best and brightest executives and sales staff, wherever they are located.

That’s why we brought GoToMeeting in at the beginning. It kept us connected with impromptu and scheduled remote meetings as we were getting the business up and running, and keeps us on track now, wherever in the country we are.”

Rapid expansion over its first three years—plus current plans for extending sales coverage to six more states and opening new satellite labs—have increased the importance of remote collaboration technology for PremierTox. “As a mid-size business, we are up against competitors with extensive resources and much larger staffs,” the executive noted. To continue winning on the basis of its signature, high-touch service as it branched out even further, PremierTox needed other smart
technologies that could enhance operational efficiency, maximize reach without requiring constant travel and support innovative business practices

Expanding the Citrix solution

In 2013, PremierTox upgraded to GoToMeeting Corporate and also added Citrix cloud solutions for remote training, remote support, audio conferencing and data sharing. Enhanced GoToMeeting functionality, including integrated HDFaces video conferencing and apps for iOS and Android devices, enables the company to collaborate more effectively. “HDFaces video increases a feeling of closeness among employees and helps keep people in sync. Also, the ability to hold a meeting in an instant, from any device, is highly valuable.” Klipp praised the high quality of GoToMeeting sessions on mobile devices.

In addition to internal collaboration, PremierTox staff make presentations to states’ governing bodies and key decision makers and interact with customers using GoToMeeting.

In these situations, the company provides integrated toll-free calling with OpenVoice audio conferencing to encourage participation. “It’s important to provide a toll-free number and high-quality audio service so we can impress these audiences,” he said. The company also uses OpenVoice for conference calls that do not require screen sharing.

In a rapidly changing industry, GoToTraining allows PremierTox to train employees remotely on evolving healthcare policy as well as new products and testing capabilities. GoToTraining avoids the cost of bringing people on site while providing interactive features, such as embedded questions and periodic comprehension checks, which enhance learning and provide feedback to the instructor. “We also use it for new hire training. These classes are recorded and stored in a database for on-demand access, helping to optimize our training department resources,” Klipp said.

PremierTox relies on GoToAssist to remotely support customers, sales reps and other employees. Klipp described typical scenarios. One is assisting customers with PremierToxDirect, the company’s proprietary, web-based software for managing and documenting lab specimens. Another is supporting employees who are working on site at customer locations, as well as salespeople in the field. “GoToAssist Remote Support is fantastic. It allows our small but mighty IT staff to provide a high level of support for people across the country.”

Sharing large files with customers and employees is now quick and easy with ShareFile. “We implemented Microsoft SharePoint, but it does not allow a link to be provided to external users. In looking for an alternative, we fell in love with ShareFile and use it extensively.” Klipp noted that ShareFile facilitates collaboration with the graphics design team, located in a major urban center, by avoiding the problem of size limits for email attachments. The tool also provides secure storage for confidential information, key to effective healthcare delivery.

Creating new and efficient services

All these Citrix solutions contribute to the company’s strategic goal of maintaining exceptional customer service while expanding into new geographies. Remote collaboration, support, training and data sharing promote strong relationships, enable fast, interactive responses and impress customers—all at “an incredibly reasonable cost,” according to Klipp. “Also, the fact that participants can log in to a session for free is very important to us.”

Citrix tools are opening new opportunities for business innovations that combine efficiency with personal service. “One of our goals is to generate leads, especially for healthcare providers in locations not currently supported by a sales rep. As we envision it, a customer will find us on the web, and we’ll ship them a starter kit and then get on a GoToMeeting or GoToTraining session to guide them through the set-up and specimen collection process and use of our services.”

Currently, PremierTox is conducting a trial program where a representative in Tennessee is remotely supporting customers in Wisconsin and Iowa. “She has met these customers on GoToMeeting, shown presentations and used HDFaces video to demonstrate in real time how to handle and ship specimens. It’s going very well,” he said.

“Citrix solutions are enabling us to accomplish goals that would otherwise require significant time and expense. As we grow, these tools will continue to play a strategic role in customer outreach, competitive advantage and business efficiency.”

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