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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Price hike of international postage by Pos Malaysia Berhad

I just back from outstation and went to Post Office today to do my normal delivery.

Staff of Post Office pass me a booklet ( pic below). I ask in Malay "Price increase?" and they said "yes, since yesterday ( 15 May 2013 )

With the popular of email, sms and whatapps etc. Volume of normal mail has drop gradually. However, with the popularity of people buying online. The only growth area of Pos Malaysia Berhad is parcel for ecommerce.

Generally, those parcel mail to overseas as Malaysian still do not have habit of buy online.

Thus, ecommerce operator are partner or stakeholder of Pos Malaysia Berhad.  However, with a price increase. don't you think Pos Malaysia Berhad milking Ecommerce operator, it partner and stakeholder  too early?
Malaysia have a reputation of provide low cost of goods globally. Pos Malaysia Berhad suppose to reduce price to increase volume to enlarge the cake rather than kill the goose that lay the eggs too early.

Ecommerce operator are challanging with US's QE1, QE 2 by US and appreciation of Ringgit currency. This has eaten margin of Ecommerce operator significantly.

It doesn't help when Bank Negara fail to control exchange rate charge by Paypal Paypal have increase it exchange rate last year. Paypal exchange rate are significantly higher than commercial bank and Licensed Money Changer. This further eaten margin of Ecommerce operator. Other than price increase of Ecommerce Mall operator like eBay. A company who control Paypal.

With the price increase of Pos Malaysia Berhad. Will this be the last straw who kill the industry and dampen the effort of Malaysia to move from manufacturing economic to become a Ecommerce hub and Economic Transformation Program (ETP) EPP121 Growing a virtual Mall is yet to be see. I really feel that price increase is not the way to acheived NKEA : Communication,Content and Infrastructure : Business Opportunity 3 : Courier, post and Broadcast.

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 Update 6 :  web2ship eparcel offer more prefential rate to US and will give reader of this blog 5 free shipments for trial OR total rebate of Max RM50 until end of this month for our eparcel service as long as you use our eBay integration. Promotion code : Arbirage . Disclaimer : Arbiage Sdn Bhd (927246W) never used such services before and reader should used it services at your own risk Arbirage Sdn Bhd (927246W) just informed reader of such offer and should not see as endorsed their services.
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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Why Alvin Woon not invest in Malaysia

Co-founder of Alvin Woon said has consider to invest in Malaysia to expand 3 years ago. However, due to lack of talent and incentive from government, he has give up Malaysia and invest in Taiwan eventually.

Great potential in internet Startup

He said, in fact, there is great potential for Start up in Malaysia. Standard of product launch here are on bar with product in US. Unfortnately, investment environment here not condusive to nurture such industry.

Whether government would give tax incentive and availability of talent, are important consideration on whether or not to set up a base here. As there is no such advantage at that point. We have to give up Malaysia.

Alvin Woon is responding to a question on whether would set up a branch here after a conference on Entrepreneurship at University Tunku Abdul Rahman.

He said frankly that , as a Malaysian, he would like to set up a base in Malaysia so that he able to "go home" very often. But he has to face reality eventualy : " I can't told other co-founder, I am a Malaysian, so we have to choose Malaysia (to set up company) " (Translator note: Alvin Woon split shares equally among 3 co-founder before Angel investor come in)

Alvin still observing government effort in attracting investment and talent

As to Malaysia current transformation in attracting foreign investment and talent. Alvin said he will observed.

In restrospect, 90% of internet startup are by Chinese. But they rarely get funding from government.

"In fact, we can't expect to attract overseas talent to come back just by slogan. Some has come back, but unable to find neccessary manpower talent to complete the task, mission required. You have to fill up a lot of form if need funding and been through a lot of challenge.......

"Some people do come back 10 years ago, Maybe they find it difficult to stay ( in Malaysia ), have to leave and never come back again. I don't want my first experience back to Malaysia to be like this. I never give up Malaysia from the beginning until now, hope able to lend a hand to Malaysia, especially in internet startup."

He know deeply government effort in attracting overseas talent. and understand someone must make the first move " I just hope this is not a difficult first step"

Youth must venture into business earlier

Alvin Woon advised young people to venture into business earlier as youth has advantage. Not afraid to fail and can fail early. If not, you will lack time and energy when you grow older and just regret.

He has few wisdom on  his journey in entrepreneurship startup. first is "Don't care about copy or compare, don't waste your time in care about what other people doing. What you did on yourself is more important.

In order to venture Alvin Woon when to Toronto from US alone to set up a base. Just give up his existing job and girl friend. It is tough initially, but base on determination, he able to venture his own success. launch on November 2007, have more than 20 language version and expand quickly in Asia country like Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore. It has 6 million to 7 million member now. with 50% of it member in Taiwan.

Venture Capital important in internet Startup
Alvin Woon said he has to understand internet business in Malaysia market first before deciding to contribute in which area.

On how to incubate & nurture internet startup. He said funding is important. Many Malaysia have programming capability, but they unable to move next step, if lack working capital. You need money in marketing and networking. It is difficult to consider your next move if lack capital.

He stress, startup capital requirment are lower in Malaysia compare to US, plus you get higher return on capital. Many people don't understand internet startup, They don't invest even they have capital. They rather invest in property or gold. This required change in mindset.

Excerpt and translated from Nanyang dated 16 March 2012


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